That’s Its Job

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Published on: June 16, 2011

That’s Its Job

Once, Nasruddin’s friend and neighbor, Hussein, came by and asked to borrow a clothesline.

Nasruddin said, “I’m sorry, the clothesline is in use.”

Hussein pointed inside the house and said, “But Nasruddin, I can see the clothesline, right there on the floor.”

“That’s quite astute of you to notice that the rope is just lying there.”

“Well — if you aren’t using the clothesline right now, I would like to borrow it, please.”

“But the clothesline is in use just this moment,” said Nasruddin.

Hussein’s voice rose, “What do you mean, the clothesline is being used? The rope is not stretched out in the air hanging between two poles as a clothesline should be. It is coiled up on the ground, doing absolutely nothing.”

“I’m afraid that you misunderstand,” replied Nasruddin. “Its actual use is just that: lying there.”

Excerpted from The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin: Stories, Jests, and Donkey Tales of the Beloved Persian Folk Hero

Your Daily Nasruddin

In the dark, a clothesline can appear to be a snake.

This joke with Hussein borrowing Nasruddin’s clothesline continues here.

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