Shouldered boy

A Naughty Nasreddin story

Shouldered boy


Mullah Nasruddin
Mullah Nasruddin

One day the Hoca was going along his way to the market, and he carried his young son on his shoulders. He was going along pleasantly enough when he suddenly thought, “I have lost my child!” and so he began frantically running everywhere looking for him.

He searched and searched a long time, running up one street and down another but, at long last, exhausted, he gave up and decided to head back home. On the way back home Nasreddin passed a halvah shop, and his son called out from his shoulders, “Father, I’m very hungry. Would you please buy me a bit of halvah here?”

“Ah, there you are, you son an idiot!” shouted the Hoca. “Why didn’t you speak up before? I’ve been searching for you everywhere all morning long!”

Excerpted from the forthcoming New and Naughty Adventures of Nasreddin.



Burrill 67.

Marzolph 190.


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