The missing beard

A Mullah Nasruddin story

The missing beard

Nasruddin and his hairy ass
Nasruddin and his hairy ass

One day, the wags were at the chaishop when Faruk remarked to Mullah Nasruddin: “I hear that your donkey has become a judge in a village nearby!”

Nasruddin was thrilled to hear the good news of his old donkey’s success. When he returned home, he told his wife Fatima, “Great news, my dear! My little hairy ass has become a judge in Konya! I think I’ll go and see if he can give me a job as his assistant!”

The next morning he set out on the road. At night he stayed at an inn and told the innkeeper’s wife, “Wake me before dawn. I have something important to accomplish in Konya early in the morning and must move on!”

In the guesthouse were some students who did not know Nasreddin. While he slept, they shaved off his beard and mustache as a prank.

Early that morning, the hostess knocked on the door and shouted to the Hoca, “Hey there! Get up! It is before the crack of dawn and you must get going!” Nasreddin arose sleepily and left the inn.

Back on the road after the sun had risen, he passed by a spring, and decided to rest there. When he went for a drink of water, he saw his reflection. He was shocked to see the face of a novice monk!

After considering the matter for a moment, he finally threw his hands up and yelled, “That stupid woman was supposed to have awakened me, but she woke up some ugly, old, stupid novice instead!”

Excerpted from the forthcoming Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin.



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